Lupilu Size 3 Midi Nappies Jumbo Bag 98-pc

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Lupilu Baby nappies Size 3 are suitable from birth. Made from soft, absorbent material to keep moisture away from newborn’s tender skin. Elasticated to prevent leakages and soft stretchy tabs for a secure fit. Soft and absorbent material evenly distributes moisture.


Introducing Lupilu Nappies Jumbo Bag 98-pc Size 3, specially designed to provide the utmost comfort and protection for your newborn.

Our Size 1 nappies are perfect for newborns, accommodating a weight range of up to 6-10 kg. This size ensures a snug, comfortable fit without any risk of leaks.

Lupilu Newborn Nappies are crafted with premium, soft materials to provide gentle touch to your newborn’s delicate skin. The hypoallergenic lining ensures no irritation or discomfort, making them ideal for continuous wear.

Lupilu Nappies Jumbo Bag 98-pc feature super absorbent cores that lock away wetness from your baby’s skin, helping to prevent nappy rash and keep your baby dry and comfortable. The wetness indicator changes color when it’s time for a change, adding convenience for parents.

Our nappies also include flexible side panels and resealable fastening tabs. These features allow for a custom fit and easy adjustments, ensuring your newborn is comfortable at all times.

With Lupilu Newborn Nappies Size 3, you can ensure your baby experiences softness, dryness, and comfort, leaving you free to enjoy the precious moments of newborn life.


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